Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now they're cutting the IT budget. Are they mad?

The distinction between insanity and policy in Greenwich Council is very much a fine line, but never has it been more blurred than in the Council proposals for the IT department. As we reported some months ago, and the local press has followed up on in recent weeks, the Council's IT systems are horrendously unreliable and utterly dated.

Given this, the last thing you'd expect is a £45,000 budget cut resulting in a reduction in numbers in the Information Systems department. And yet this is exactly what the Council i splanning to do. According to the Council "further IT development" will negate the need for the position they will be deleting. We think past evidence on matter of IT suggest that will be very unlikely indeed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hasn't the council just had a load of problems on its council benefit's side due to a huge crash of an IT system that did not work??? cutting its IT budget seems insane!

9:05 am  

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