Monday, November 13, 2006

Council plans £7m cut. Children's Services to be hardest hit

According to Overview and Scruitny Committee documents we've seen, the Council is planning to make £7m worth of cuts to services in the Borough over the next four years. This includes cutting £1.9m of funding from Children's Services and £1.8m from the Adult Services budget. If they managed to collect Council Tax properly this sort of cut wouldn't be necessary.

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Anonymous democracy4greenwich said...

Given the vehement opposition to Labour rule in Greenwich frequently posted by many on here, the disillusionment with the lacklustre and incapable opposition parties and the overwhelming desire for change, why don't people put their money where their mouth is and do something about this?

I am talking about contesting the next elections in 2010, which gives people 3.5 years to organise an independent bloc of candidates united around a non-partisan view of the borough.

This obvious and appealing solution to Labour misgovermment has three advantages. Firstly, the precedent of the Valley councillors a few years back. When the community are enraged and enthused, they'll ditch voting habits. Secondly, such a campaign, unlike the three main parties, would not have to worry about campaigning for general and GLA elections, nor be in hock to certain MPs or be riddled with personality cults. Thirdly, the ability to appeal to all sections of the community, right and left, rich and poor.

It's not just Labour, the Tories will pay for their complacency too.

This wave of cuts is a good start for the fightback!

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