Monday, January 29, 2007

Casino decision due tomorrow

Tomorrow the decision on whether there will be a license issued for a super-casino at the Dome will be announced. The following day, according to the Council agenda, AEG will be presenting their O2 vision to the full public meeting of Greenwich Council.

Does 2 + 2 = 4?


Blogger Roger Thomas said...

Why has Greenwich gone for this casino thing. The proposal the Governments own consultants wanted to back was the global environmental management centre. The large reinsurers are paying £10's billions per year in claims related to climate change. Income worth £billions would have come to the Dome from them alone in providing the solutions, predictions, early warnings etc.
Greenich had a history of time, observation, discovery etc. The consultants also liked the proposal qualitively as it built on that world recognised past of Greenwich. Why has Greenwich not supported the environmental centre proposal when it was written with the interests of Greenwich foremost.

Copy of email sent to all Greenwich councillors
Dear Councillor

Millennium Project Two was the favourite entry into the 2001 competition to run the Millennium Dome, as a global environmental management centre, the proposal the Government's own consultants Jones Lang LaSalle wanted to back. This link is one of the many sources of information:.

On the competition criteria: A worthwhile and sustainable use for the Dome: value for money: deliverability of the deal: and regeneration benefits. This proposal beat the bid by AEG in every section.

The advisory branch of The Financial Times askFT called it, "a truly exciting and innovative project".

Apart from wanting to back this proposal on business grounds, Jones Lang LaSalle were impressed on how the proposal built on and empathised with the historical past and strengths of Greenwich, then effectively taking them into a 21st century global format.

Considerable thought went into the proposal to ensure that it enhanced and built upon the worldwide reputation of Greenwich. Greenwich had a proposal for the Dome that:
The Government's consultants wanted to back.
Was specifically designed to build on and enhance Greenwich's historical strengths and qualities and take them into a sustainable 21st century development.
Was the winner on all competition criteria.
Has only attracted positive comment and review.
Was the practical solution to many of the world's environmental challenges
Why has Greenwich ignored the proposal that was produced in the best interests of Greenwich?

Roger Thomas
Millennium Project Two

6:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps they'll be explaining to the council just how many millions of pounds they now won't be investing in Greenwich because they lost. Bloody blackmailers...

8:33 am  
Blogger Roger Thomas said...

Well anonymous whether you realised it or not to have it on a absolutely crucial point of the bid process that the media ignore (as they weren't in the bid).

Quoting from a letter from Jim Fitzpatrick MP ( because I was in the bid) Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, " The criteria to evaluate bids in th second sale process, were limited to the following equally weighted, simplied objectives.......; deliverability of the deal;..."

As you correctly pointed out "bloody blackmailers". If they pull out because they lost, the competition criteria has not been fulfilled. Which is what the global environmental management centre proposal has been saying for years. The competition criteria for the Millennium Dome was not followed, Greenwich got the worst acceptable proposal. AEG in the threat to pull out are in fact admitting themselves the competition criteria was not followed.

11:27 am  
Blogger Indigo said...

Hey, AEG, just decide whether you are staying or going. Are you taking your ball and your £350m home or not? If you are going, go now, and let other companies have a bite at building Richard Rogers hotel. Since when have developers been allowed to dictate terms to the client? Since never, until NuLab became based in Washington DC.

7:29 pm  

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