Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some more joining the dots....?

Apparently, there is a licensing committee meeting tonight at which the Council is expected to nod through proposals from AEG for the O2 parking requirements.

People may not be aware, but the entire Pennisula is pretty much a no-parking zone, and the O2 parking spaces will be strictly "first come first served".

What does this mean in practice? Perhaps a tacit "diversion to Westcombe Park"* policy for overspill from the O2? Good be a quite money spinner couldn't it?


Anonymous gmt said...

Point of clarification - the licensing committee doesn't look at parking requirements. It looks at the licensable activities of an application, namely provision of alcohol, music and dance etc at a given premises.

10:37 am  
Anonymous Fred said...

It was, by all accounts from people there, a very large meeting of the Licensing Committee with Councilors from all parties and lasted 3 hours - so hardly a "nod through" - particularly as most other boroughs use a sub-committee of 3 to do licenses!

And, according to the AEG Travel Plan that went with the application, the parking is mostly book in advance with some turn up and pay. I'm told that it was suggested that overflow cars are being advised of "ff street" parking (rather than Westcombe Park which seems rather a long way away anyway!) Any ideas where that could be? The football ground parking maybe?

10:21 pm  

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