Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Abbey Wood Strategy to be dispatched against John Roan?

Yesterday we posted about John Roan School and the fact that Council has decided in its infinite wisdom to move it to the polluted cesspit called the Greenwich Peninsula. We've also heard a rumour that the Council is trying to play hard ball with the schools governing body. Word reaches us that there have been indications that the Abbey Wood strategy may be dispatched to deal with the situation.

What is the Abbey Wood strategy we hear you ask? Well this is where the Council, not getting what it wants, stop supporting the school and deliberately brings about its slow physical decay. The result is that eventually there is no choice to move because the place is left in a mess.

Ironically of course when the incompetent education mandarins at the Town Hall (who have been accused of "maladministration" by representatives of the Church of England in the past) take their hands off the steering wheel, the school results actually go up whilst the building's fall down around the kids.

Should anyone feel they wish to support the John Roan school then they do have an online petition for people to sign here.

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