Friday, May 04, 2007

Council lies about Blackwall tidal flow meeting with TfL?

At last weeks full Council Meeting, a question was asked about the scrapping of the tidal flow in the Blackwall Tunnel. As we've already made clear, we think the timing and impact of removing the tidal flow smells dodgy. Given this we read with interest the Council's response to a question about the scrapping of the system.

According to the Council leader Chris Roberts, the Council "was not consulted by TfL over the decision to end the Blackwall Tunnel contraflow arrangement". However, we've learned that in fact TfL did consult the Council, and they did it in January, months before the tidal flow was closed.

On January 18th 2007, TfL met with the Council's Deputy Leader, Peter Brooks for the purpose of discussing the tidal flow closure. The leader of the Council's claim that they were not consulted sits on very stony ground as a result.

What concerns us is that even though the Council knew that the tidal flow was being closed in January they did nothing about it. They didn't even issue a statement informing the residents of the Borough, many of whom relied on it, that it was going to be closed.

At the end of the day we think it all boils down to this. Either (a) they're liars? (b) they're totally incompetent? or (c) possibly both?



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If you are correct that they knew in January, then they are a bunch of lying shits, who don't give a flying f... about the people of Greenwich.

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