Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rigging consultation?

Word reaches us that there was recently a "consultation" exercise in the borough about health and clinical services. It was attended 150 local invitees all giving their views.

How long did it take to sum up the views of this large group of people at the end? 25 minutes apparently. We think that's pretty impressive to have invited 150 people "randomly" that all seem to hold the same view.

What was the view? Well they supported the policies being proposed! You didn't think they would be against did you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So no surprise there then. I'm sure that the '150 invitees' were all chosen for their sympathetic views towards Greenwich Council and were deemed never likely to disagree with the proposals.

Clearly I was never in the running to be asked as I am constantly giving them true and factual feedback on the services - they couldn't possibly risk hearing negative feedback as what statistical group could they put it into?! I wonder if we have a right to see how they 'randomly' chose people to represent the borough?

2:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt in my mind that the '150 nodding dogs' were all chosen for their Backbone and Sense of Duty to serve the people of Greenwich!


The Shambles of this current Council just gets better and better.

Roberts you are a waste of space, do everyone a big favour and quietly just disappear.

Oh sorry, where are my manners: PLEASE quietly just disappear.

9:04 pm  
Anonymous Sash said...

Was this a council event or a PCT event?

Just for clarification if that's possible?

10:55 am  

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