Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Money still lost on Thamesmead

We've covered some of Thamesmead's problems before, epically with Negative Equity, looking at this map and article from the Evening Standard it would look like five out of the top ten streets in London for Negitive Equity are in Greenwich, and two are in Thamesmead. They are;
  • Calderwood Street, SE28
  • Erebus Drive, SE28
  • Woolwich Common, SE18
  • Glashier Street, SE8
  • Greenhaven Drive, SE28
Even with CrossRail possibily offering people a way out it still looks like people could be stuck in Greenwich against their will. Still we wonder if Tilfen Land has made any money out of Thamesmead, because if it hasn't, it looks like it might have missed the boat.

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Anonymous Evil Baz said...

I reckon it's all a cunning plot to grab housing in the South East in time for the Olympics!

10:30 pm  
Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

The sub prime issue hit Thamesmead about 18 months ago and prices plumetted - due to fraud. Greenwich and Tilfen didn't seem too bothered at all after all they'd got their money by then.

It seems the rest of the country is now only just catching up with the reductions of values in property. Greenwich must be really proud of their excellent planning and regeneration of the areas to have managed to get so many entries in the top ten.

Have we had any official spin from LB Greenwich on that yet?

4:15 pm  

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