Saturday, May 03, 2008

GLA and Mayoral results in for Greenwich

Here are the final results for Greenwich for the Assembly Member;

Len Duvall LAB

Andy Jennings CON

Brian Robson LD

Susan Luxton GRN

Tess Culnane NF

Stephen Hammond CPA

Arnold Tarling UKIP

Jennifer Jones LL

Johanna Munilla END

Chris Flood SOA


The Turnout at 42.4% was, as we reported yesterday, much higher than in 2004.

So it looks like Len Duvall gets to keep his job, although now with Boris Johnson elected as Mayor he will presumably be leader of the Opposition Labour group instead. If this is the case, and with his experience from Greenwich Council as Labour being in control it is going to be interesting to see if he able to function well in opposition?

We shall have to see.

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Blogger J J said...

So 53174 people voted for Len Duvall, and he is elected. But 93665 voted against him.
Is this democracy?
If this happened in a third world country our politicians would be screaming that it was not representative.
And they would be right.

1:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson said yesterday that he will ensure that all London Councils will provide value for money.
He could spend the next four years fighting with Greenwich. I might send him a copy of Greenwich Time to see what his reaction is.

On another note,
Gordon Brown, your boys took one hell of a beating.
Ha ha ha.

10:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jj - yes it is democracy, its called first past the post the system the UK has used to elect people for over 100 years.

And before you start bleating on about PR - its PR that gave us a BNP rep on the London Assembly.

And surely no one would welcome that development...

10:49 pm  
Blogger J J said...

We don't have to have PR. We could have a run-ff with the top 2 candidates.

But as over 50% of the electorate didn't bother to vote the first time, it's unlikely that anyone will bother the second time.

I wonder why that is. Could it possibly be that there doesn't seem to be any point in voting, when the candidate elected is one that most people do not want?

Yes we have had first past the post for 100 years plus and it is time the system was updated.
100 years ago there were usually only two candidates so whoever won got at least 50% of the votes cast.

It is said that in a democracy the people get the government they deserve. Not here they don't. They just get someone who has won by default.

10:56 am  

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