Tuesday, June 06, 2006

City Airport expansion?

Given we know that people in the Council are reading this site we thought we'd take an opportunity to raise an issue and see if we could get a response from any of our Councillors.

About two weeks ago, Airbus conducted compatibility tests at London City with it's 132-seater A318. The tests were part of the airport's expansion plans to carry 8m passengers by 2030 without the need for an extra runway or a change in its operating hours. This comes at a time when the airport is also up for sale by it's owner, the billionaire Dermot Desmond. Currently the property tycoon Robert Tchenguiz and the Carlyle Group are interested in the purchase.

Whilst the airport is not actually in Greenwich Borough, we do have concerns about the introduction of much larger planes and more regular air traffic to the airport. As far as we know, no members of the Council have made any comments on the airport yet, so perhaps we could get a response from someone now? Has anyone spoken to Newham and London City about these developments and the potential noise and environmental impact for our side of the river?


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