Thursday, June 01, 2006

Local scouts left without show hall

Woolwich Scouts are looking to Bexley borough to provide the venue for their yearly Gang Show because Greenwich Council has refused to rent the Town Hall out after 6pm.

Woolwich Scouts have been performing their Gang Show at the Town Hall - with the occasional exception - since 1953. In it's current guise, the show has been put on every Easter since 1989 with the exception of 2004 and 2006.

In the past the Council have been highly supportive and accommodating to the show, with the mayor as the VIP guest each year. Nick Raynsford also attended when he was Minister for London. The show's reputation in the Scout Association is so good that groups from as far as field as Glasgow have come to watch. However, the ability of the scouts to perform in their own Borough now looks unlikely due to changes by the Council in available hiring times.

From what we've heard, Woolwich Scouts has written to the Council about this and has not even received a response. We've also heard that the hire time changes are because a member of the council lives in the locale and is not happy with parking and noise during evening events. Sadly we don't have the addresses of every Councillor so cannot confirm whether this is true, however we do think there is a wider issue of concern here.

The Council has made promises to work with local Youth Organisations in order to combat anti-social behaviour. Is ignoring Woolwich Scout Association and forcing them into the neighbouring borough really the best way to go about it?


Anonymous Paul Webbewood said...

As of yesterday, all councillors' addresses were displayed on the election results notices outside the Town Hall.

4:18 pm  
Blogger said...

That's handy. We did look on the website but it seemed only certain councillors had addresses other than the Town Hall.

We shall have to send a spy down to look at the list.

4:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen the Woolwich Gangshow many times, what a wonderful show. It spotlights what the youth of Greenwich can do with focus and deadication. How can the be aloud to happen, we need to rise and make this happen. Woolwich Scouts need our help.... and we need the Woolwich Scouts.

7:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a loss to the Commmunity in Woolwich and Greenwich. So much for the local council supporting its children and youths in activities that are useful and "keep them off the streets". THINK AGAIN GREENWICH COUNCIL!!

9:09 am  

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