Saturday, June 10, 2006

Greenwich Station's forecourt

"New and improved Greenwich station forecourt officially unveiled!" says the headline on the latest news release from the Council. It goes on to tell us that the forecourt of Greenwich Station has been "modernised to make the interchange easier for people to use the DLR, train, and bus services and also for passengers arriving by taxi or car.... there is also a new interchange designed specifically for mobility-impaired passengers who will now have access to dedicated parking spaces and tactile paving ramps."

Or in other words, the car park's been turned into a slip road but the disabled bays have been kept. We've managed to sum it up in just 15 words rather than the inane management consultant drivel above.

The odd thing about the press release though is that it's been put out like the Council were directly responsible for these changes. Now we may very well be wrong on this - and perhaps the councillors who read this site from their free home broadband lines can correct us if we are - but isn’t the land managed by the franchise owner, South Eastern? It will have been the franchise that stumped up the cash for the work, and it’ll have been part of its contractual obligations to the Rail Group at the DfT. The only involvement of the Council would've been a planning application, and sending a bloke in a gold medallion to cut a ribbon and smile.

Still, and in the interests of fairness, Len Duval who also went along to the jolly did make a comment about the "collaboration between different agencies". However, we’re pretty sure that’s politician speak for "lots of other people that were not me", but we are quite cynical.


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