Sunday, June 11, 2006

Greenwich one of worst anti-social behaviour areas says Home Secretary

It's come to our attention that the Home Secretary, John Reid MP, is about to mention Greenwich in a big policy announcement. As the Home Office struggles to get back on track after months of scandals, Reid is going to start an "aggressive" media campaign to promote the Prime Minister's much vaunted "Respect Agenda".

As part of this campaign, Reid will be setting up "Respect Areas" in what he considers the worst 10 areas in the country for anti-social behaviour, one of which will be Greenwich. That's the same Greenwich which the Council says is effectively dealing with anti-social behaviour and is a safe place to live.

We welcome the Home Secretary's intervention into Greenwich. It's about time someone in the Labour Party acknowledged the realities of this borough. Perhaps attention from the very top will shock the career-minded council leader's head out of the sand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you expect when you allow thousands of immagrants from third world war torn countrys to settle in a particular area that is already deprived.Woolwich,Plumstead and Thamesmead are vitualy no go areas for British people


9:07 am  
Blogger said...

I'm afraid we don't agree with you on that one, but we're not going to stop you having your say.

6:21 am  

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