Thursday, June 29, 2006

There is someone there!

Last night we received an email from Cllr John Kelly in response to our post about a one-way system in Admaston Road, and the lack of response by the Council to residents' emails.

Cllr Kelly confirmed that in Admaston Road, a work order "for the contractor to carry out the necessary work on site will be issued shortly." On the matter of enforcement, Cllr Kelly said it was the responsiblity of "the Police and this matter will be brought to their attention when implemented."

Whilst the Councillor's response is welcome, can the Police really enforce a one-way system in such a specific area effectively? As was already suggested, there are more innovative ways to enforce one-way systems, such as pinches or traffic calming devices that allow traffic to flow only one way.

If something like that was implemented then the Police could concentrate on dealing with serious crimes rather than wasting time on minor traffic offences. Instead of having the police deal with the problem after the fact, how about we prevent the problem happening in the first place?

Cllr Kelly also apologised for the lack of response to emails. This was apparently due to the "volume of correspondence received during the consultation period" from the handful of street involved. He said there would be a letter drop to "all residents in Admaston Road and Palmerston Road" to inform them of the plans.

Can we request an electronic copy of the letter drop please? We'd like to pass it on to the resident as he doesn't actually live on either of those roads. Alternatively, perhaps the Council could deliver to the neighbouring roads impacted by the plan as well? Just an idea.


Anonymous Greezy Pimp said...

I wonder if the good councillor read his email before sending it to you. How can the "volume of correspondence received during the consultation period" mean they don't reply to any. Surely high volume means a lot of public intrest and therefore deserves some attention from OUR public servants. Lazy councillors, working for a lazy council, when in fact they work for us. If I treated my employer with such contempt I'd be shoed out of the door quick smart.

10:03 am  

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