Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A "pivotal" role?

This morning we noticed a news item on the Council's website that says the Council leader Chris Roberts has been elected Chair of the Thames Gateway London Partnership. As it stands we're still trying to figure out exactly how these "partnership" work so we're not going to expand on that.

Instead we wanted to mention something we noticed in the article. It says that the Council leader "played a pivotal role in London’s successful bid for the 2012 London Olympics." Pivotal? The Council is not seriously suggesting that without Chris Roberts the London 2012 bid would've failed, are they? At best it's disingenuity at worst it's delusions of grandeur.


Anonymous gmt said...

Now, now. Chris Roberts taught Sebastian Coe everything he knows...

2:17 pm  
Anonymous robin Hood said...

Sounds reasonable to me, he has used every other excuse to put up the council tax.

6:29 pm  

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