Monday, July 24, 2006

Steam-rollering planning permission II?

According to a report published today in the News Shopper, the Council is "steam-rollering" through the plans for the restoration of the Coronet Cinema in Eltham. We can't help but notice the familiarity of that phrase.

Anyhow, as the article points out, the Council's justification for this shortened period of conusltation is because the changes to the original plan are only "minor", and a full consultation has already been carried out on the original plans.

As we understand it the changes relate to a small alteration in the elevation of the new building work already agreed for the site anyway. As such we don't think the Council's argument is particularly unreasonable.

We found it interesting that the local MP would be concerned that planning was being rushed though. After all, the building has been empty and derelict for some years now, any longer and it would be so decayed that it's Grade II status would be meaningless.


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despite the wrong heading, here's what it looks like now:

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