Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Time Travelling Kidbrooke Councillor

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Cllr Andy Jennings had set up a blog for the Kidbrooke with Hornfair ward. Back then we welcomed the addition of such a blog and said we'd monitor it closely to see if it actually got updated. At the time Cllr Jennings said to us that he was "new to the blogosphere" but would have "something up and running soon".

True to his word he has done that and the blog appears to have taken on a whole new life. True to our word we've added a link. We do have one slight concern though, Cllr Jennings appears to have engaged in some time travel. The stories seem to have been back-dated so they tell a narrative from the beginning of May. This is a handy feature in Blogger where the date of posts can be set, it's particular useful if you want to push a post to the top again.

However, in this case it seems to have been used to create the impression of a blog that's been constantly updated for two months. This is something - as we're sure Inspector Sands will confirm - is not the case and defeats the point of a blog - especially the blog of a public servant who knows he's being watched by people like us, did he think he'd get it past us?

Don't get us wrong here though. We think it's good that Cllr Jennings is taking the time to engage with the electorate in Kidbrooke through blogging. We're just not sure if creating a false reality on the blog is a good foundation for building trust.

P.S. We've also linked to Councillor Fletcher's blog as he seems to updating that regularly too.

Update: Cllr Jennings has replied in the comments with his explanation


Blogger Cllr Andy Jennings said...

It's a fair point - the blog has been up and running for a couple of weeks now, but I felt it important to try to pass on all the relevant information I had since being elected, to my constituents.

There is one more backdated entry to come: that of my thoughts of the first full council meeting of 14th June.

I want this to be a record of what I will do for Kidbrooke over the next four years, and as such was a worthwhile exercise.

A similar blog has been set up by my colleagues in Coldharbour and New Eltham for their residents:

Time and time again the major complaint about my predecessors was that outside of election times they were invisible in the ward. Our commitment is to look after our constituents all year round.

As an aside, assuming you emailed my council e-mail address, I am sure it won't surprise you to know that the Council has not yet managed to get me access to the account outside of the Town Hall. So until 18th July when their engineer comes to my house, I can only pick up e-mails when I go to Woolwich either on a midweek evening or on a Saturday.

11:08 pm  
Blogger said...

Well that clears that up then.

6:18 am  

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