Monday, November 06, 2006

AEG makes Dome environmentally unfriendly?

According to an anonymous email we've received the vast majority of the eco-friendly aspects of the original Millenium Dome have been removed by Anschutz on the grounds of cost.

The original Dome's rain water collection system which provided the necessary water for cooling and touilet flsuhing has been removed. And the original energy saving local power generation have also been removed. The email alleges that all these changes were made purely on the grounds that they were too expensive to run.

We wonder how this will match up with the Council's claim to be promoting energy efficiency and green strategies in the Borough?

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Blogger Indigo said...

Wakey wakey, Anschutz, barely a week ago, the Stern report was published which the Tony Blair announced as "the most important report on the future which I have received since becoming Prime Minister". The PM also said the world is facing "nothing more serious, more urgent, or more demanding of leadership" than climate change, and that Britons must be prepared to pay now to avoid future disaster.

Rainfall is predicted to halve over the next 50 years, and the flushing loo is a massive waste of water: each person flushes 60 litres per day (Independent, 5 Nov 2006).

Architects are working to reduce the energy requirement for every building they design, old and new, encouraging clients to generate 25 per cent of their own power.

I expect that there is something in the Council's new UDP about renewables etc etc.

The O2/Dome, already the Ivana Trump of Greenwich. When the "green taxes" arrive, I trust that Kerzner will not be exempt.

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