Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Council worker given "final warning" after racism incident

A story in today's Mercury has been brought to our attention. Allegedly an unnamed trading standards officer at the Council called someone "nigger" in a house that was being raided. According to the report the unnamed officer was "issued with a final warning and has kept their job". Final warning? What were the previous warnings for we wonder?



Anonymous abbeywoodman said...

Given the blind eye turned to the sexual harassment of a council officer by a serving councillor (she wouldn't make a formal complaint so...) and the fact a former councillor had been convicted of rape (this came to light when he was arrested for a similar offence), why does this not surprise me?

A senior council officer was found guilty of racial discrimination at tribunal a few years back and councillors wanted to pay his legal expenses!

1:16 pm  
Blogger said...

That's a pretty serious allegation you've made there. If you have evidence of such things we suggest you call the police.

7:06 pm  

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