Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Ignorance is Strength" should be the Greenwich motto

Should our readers wish to know what is happening at full Council meetings (there is one this week) you can get the Agenda from the Council. However, don't expect prompt action. The Council did have a brief flirtation with making the Agendas available online at its website but it appears to have canned that idea in March 2006 (that's the last Agenda available).

Since March 2006 there have actually been at least six full Council meetings but they've not bothered putting the Agenda up for the world to see. We do understand why though. If they were to make them available, then the shower of shit that runs Greenwich would also be showing the world that they didn't bother having any meetings at all for about four months last year.

Readers can still get an Agenda though, you have to either write to them (this results in receiving the Agenda after the meeting - we know!), or go to the rubbish libraries that the Council let us proles have. Did we mention that the Audit Commission said the libraries services in the Borough got worse last year? Don't expect to see that in Greenwich Time though - anything negative is removed from your sight, never forget that.

We have managed to glance over this week's Agenda though and we did it without intercepting a Councillor's mail. The most interesting part for us is that they're deciding how much to pay themselves. Wouldn't we all just kill for a job where you could set you're own pay rise? Bottom line? They're going to get pay rises across the board, we shall let you know how much as soon as they bother to write it down, the table in the Agenda has been mysteriously left blank you see.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

so the links from the Council meetings page at don't exist!

Your point would be better made if you pointed out the committee for which no agenda/minutes are produced.

Also - there's no structure other than an A-Z list, so where do I look if I want to find out what's going on in schools or libraries for example?

10:05 am  

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