Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thamesmead "Fight the Flights" campaign launched

After the abject failure of the Council to consult with resident in Thamesmead about the expansion of London City Airport even though it was their duty, the local resident have launched a campaign called "Fight the Flights" and now have a Downing Street petition which includes the GLA Green Party representative, Jenny Jones amongst its growing signatories.

Meanwhile, we found it highly amusing to note that whilst residents that live less than a mile from the runway are being ignored by Greenwich Council. The residents further down the north side of river in Barking and Dagenham are seeing their views fought for by their Council. Council official there have said they will do all they can to block the airport expansion because of the increase in pollution and noise.


Anonymous Fight The Flights Campaign Group said...

Just to break down the REAL effects if the flight expansion were to be approved:

1. The Aviation White Paper directly conflicts with the Thames Gateway regeneration plan in Greenwich, Newham and Barking and Dagenham Councils.

2. 8,930 new homes which were due to be built on both sides of the river will have to be scrapped due to noise and public safety.

3. An extra 8053.0 dwellings will be affected by 54-69 decibels of noise by 2010 if consent goes through. In total 32,053.00 dwellings will be affected compared to the current 24,000.00.
Most shockingly the 63-66db noise band will cover an additional 1,409.00 to a total of 1,559.00 ( dwellings suffering one band beneath the 69dbs at which an airport is bound to compulsory purchase/offer to purchase your property. Currently only 150 dwellings sit in the 63-66db noise band.
4.City Airport claims to have few complaints - but clearly that is purely due to the current stringent flight restrictions on noise and flight numbers. If the expansion were approved LCY would see their complaints soar.

And what help would complaining do after the flight expansion were approved?? The Government would not retract planning permission.

I would urge you to see if your home falls into the noise contours and speak up before it is too late and your property becomes worthless due to the noise and other pollution. We have only touched on a few of the major adverse effects, there are many others.

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