Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's that smell?

We've got a bee in our bonnet about Thamesmead these last few days and it isn't over yet. Anyone who lives in Thamesmead knows quite well that during the summer the sewage smell that floats across the area is grim. Well we bring you great new, that smell will not be there for much longer!

The Council have decided in their infinite wisdom that they're approaching Tilfen Land about the possibility of developing an anaerobic digestion site in Thamesmead. A whaty whaty? we hear you say. It's quite simple really. It's what they're planning for all that food and garden waste that you will start recycling in January.

The Council wants to build the facility so they can capture methane and produce energy. It's a very green tree-hugging initiative with one minor draw back. Like all the Council's recycling ambitions it hopes to handle not just our waste but other Boroughs too.

That means there will be, quite literally, tonnes of rotting food traveling into the Borough to the proposed centre and whilst it queues up to go in it will carry on rotting and pump lots of methane out in the locale of the riverside that decidedly winding development. No more raw sewage smell, it's going to l'eau de crap mixed with l'eau de dead food instead.



Anonymous John said...

How long can you hold your breath for?
Because I don't want to be breathing that stuff in!

2:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds terrible. jesus christ you fellas need a better agenda.

12:10 am  
Anonymous Sash said...

Sod all this recycling stuff, better to put it in a landfill somewhere.

Has anyone seen the plans? Is there any evidence that waste will be left to pile up outside the plant?

Or will it be like the Power Station in Deptford where the rubbish goes straight in and gets burned?

Someone want to shed some light on this? or is it all conjector and rumour?

12:15 am  
Blogger said...

Would suggest doing some research of anaerobic digestion plants. Quite a lot out there listing advantages and disadvantages. Advantage - generates power. Disadvantage - stinks.

7:57 am  
Anonymous h said...

the council should focus on getting recycling right first. most recyclable waste is dumped or incinerated because eth current services can only cope with a low level of contamination....

10:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Thamesmead resident this is news to me! So thanks for keeping me informed, unfortunately I cannot say the same to the council!

So more cr** in Thamesmead does seem to be the only thing that Thamesmead has a lot of, and which continues to grow! Why oh why did we ever believe the spin and move here?

2:20 pm  
Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

A council official apparently claims that anaerobic digestion sites don't smell!

He also denied that Greenwich will be dealing with other London boroughs food waste.

Now lets just see how long it takes the council, if they get approval, to conveniently forget those statements!

2:02 pm  
Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

Greenwich clearly haven't consulted London City Airports Safeguarding area which extends over 13 km in radius from the airport.The airport apparently can have a lot to say about certain businesses, and activities in that radius.

Rubbish/waste processing sites encourage lots of birds.....mostly gulls...lots of gulls increase the risk of birdstrike(you don't want birds being sucked into aircraft engines) to those low flying planes over Thamesmead and a wotsit digestion site will be gull heaven...and the chance of bird strike increases.

Did they consider that I wonder??

Now what to do???

9:07 am  
Anonymous sbi_titch said...

Can I ask if there has been any progress on this has it actually happened. I am thinking of moving to West Thamesmead and this would be a positive move if it is going to happen.

6:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just bought a property in thamesmead. Too late, why wasn't I warned about the smell.
Why is the council not doing anything about this?.

9:23 pm  

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