Friday, November 09, 2007

Government to give Council power to create congestion zone

Many local people have been rejoicing about the fact that Tfl's own polling research has shown a majority against congestion charging in Greenwich the plans for which were exclusively revealed by us in February. However, rejoicing may be premature as the charge may yet come without the help of TfL.

Yesterday the Government published its proposal for a local transport bill which will give the local authority, in other words the Council, the legal power "to develop proposals for local road pricing schemes" and give them "the freedom and flexibility to do so in a way that best meets local needs".

This would mean that the Council could if it so wished just set up a congestion zone whenever and wherever it likes in the Borough. Given the dictatorial nature of the Council leadership Greenwich may yet find itself subject to charging. The Council is quite skint right now (hence the looming job cuts) so they have a driver (excuse the pun) to have more revenue generation. It will mask their financial incompetence.


Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

Car drivers being persecuted again...and I am sure the council will argue that any charge scheme they bring in will be because of their concern for reducing Co2 emissions not a purely money making scheme? Very hypocritical considering their current activities.

It is unfortunate that the ability to be responsive to the electorate has been lost by what seems to be most public bodies/quangos. Lets hope that people will vote with their feet next year.

6:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

strange cameras appearing on Blackheath hill??????????

3:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to add that there are many cameras appearing in Woolwich, mainly on the dual carriageway going from Plumstead Bridge through Woolwich. The most obvious ones are those at the junction with Burrage road. These are set high, they are fixed, so they are not surveillance cameras, and they look like this: -

12:45 pm  

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