Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Feeling nearly as bloated as the Council's Communications budget...

After the excesses of food and drink from the festive period and some time off we're back. Whilst we've got to work though a few of the recent council papers to see what their up to we'll take this chance just to say that this site is about the people of Greenwich making their point. Doesn't matter if your a council worker, local journalist, community worker, a local resident or even if your just passing though Greenwich if you have a story to tell then email us and we'll do the rest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

something about the new bizarre recycling system.....

1:03 pm  
Blogger AJWInBlack said...

Seems simple enough to me: Blue top bin - no change. Green top bin: food and garden waste. Both collected each week. Black bags for everything else, whcih isn't much, collected every 2 weeks.

Have I missed something?

Publicity seems clear enough so far, had my kitchen caddy, sticker to remind me on the green bin.

Bound to be a few technical hitches (like the phone system not coping with people trying to order corn starch bags etc)

7:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bin bags that I never needed previously, paper or cornstarch bags that I never needed previoiusly, more difficult to get rid of non re-cyclable rubbish so more trips to the dump.
Is this green?
Households make up 10% of landfill, the Government targets that are complete arse are picking on the wrong group and distorting the outcome - AGAIN whilst Greenwich doff their caps to their political masters.

10:24 pm  
Blogger AJWInBlack said...

You can use old carrier bags instead of bin bags. As for "more difficult to get rid of non re-cyclable rubbish so more trips to the dump." - surely you're talking about stuff that goes into the bin bag? Why are you taking it to the dump?

8:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My block of flats will have, after a fortnight, well over a dozen black bin bags outside. There is no room for them in the bin store which is a concrete slab purpose built because the terrain slopes very badly. Therefore they will litter our front lawn (which is the view out of my bedroom window on the ground floor), creating an eyesore, encouraging litter dropping/fly tipping (which is a problem in the area) and will also be a target for the numerous foxes that don't even wait til nightfall to roam the streets freely.

In an effort to reduce landfill, my front lawn will become a rubbish dump. The policy may work for houses. But for flats it will not and it needs to be judged against other factors, such as the desirability of pleasant living environments ie. attractive streets. To be fair, the council has written to me to say the policy does not apply to flats, but as I have since received the kitchen caddy, and can see no reference to this on the website, I am not sure what the situation really is.

Finally, there are other options for achieving the council's aims, such as distributing wheelie bins that you just insert your food caddie into, to sit just under the lid. This would increase recycling AND be practical. But perhaps it cost a bit of money. How about spending less on PR to fund it?

1:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More old rubbish (no pun meant) where does this diversion politics end, i have passed some houses where there are already four bins outside, do we keep adding bins every time they decide something else needs sorting, different types of paper etc: pay council tax for service get another bill for bags. Give all the community service offenders a pair of marigolds and let them pay society back, or is that me being cruel to the poor misunderstood.

3:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use old shopping bags to put non recyclable rubbish in, not bin bags. I recently cleared out my shed and put the rubbish in my wheelie bin - you can't put half of what I put in there in a plastic bag - some of the contents was too heavy and sharp so will rip the bag causing more mess hence, a trip down the dump. It really isn't rocket science.
Remember that this rubbish has to be in plastic bags, NOT in the wheelie bin that has already been produced and distributed.
Oh and what about the environmental impact caused by production of the new cornstarch and paper bags as well as the kitchen caddy (from China perchance?), their delivery from manufacture to each house then the subsequent checking (I'm sure) of bins to make sure we're playing by the rules as well as replacements for those lost and damaged.
Why can't we use the old red top wheelie bin for non reclyclables and have no need for bin bags?
Green, really?
I wonder how much of our Council tax money went behind the bar when this 'plan' was brainstormed.
Still, it doesn't matter, like most things that Greenwich Council devise, it's what it looks like that is important and sod the reality.

7:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to point out something you might want to look in to. How a group of residents on the Royal Arsenal are in danger of scupering cross rail & a number of other proposals that would benefit the residents of Woolwich as a whole rather than those who live behind their lovely cloistered gates.

Above is an article recently printed in the Greenwich Mercury backed by a number of residents from the Royal Arsenal who are now campaigning to have the new proposals stopped as they fear tower blocks would result in “urban slums” & that they would block their views.

Of course what they haven’t really thought about is the possibility that unless Berkeley homes are allowed to build on this scale then it is unlikely that they would continue to offer to fund the building of the Cross rail station in Woolwich. Not only that but a large percentage of the housing intending to be built is “affordable” of course I use that term loosely. Also the new plans include a medical centre & a nursery as well as other facilities which would be of benefit to the whole of the community in Woolwich.

Now I’m no fan of Berkley Homes, nor Greenwich Council & whatever deal they may have strung together to ensure Berkeley get their way & the council get their Cross Rail station. But surely regeneration means regenerating the whole community, providing for all of Woolwich & not just the chosen few on the Arsenal when it interferes with their rosy tinted view of “Urban Living”?

12:23 pm  
Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

Anonymous re: Royal Arsenal Residents objecting to Crossrail related proposals.

It never ceases to amaze me of the self interested statements that come from some individuals on that development, and this has been going on for a few years now in regard of: telegraph masts, Greenwich Waterfront Transit routes etc - so this is of no surprise to me. It does seem that they have no connection with the area outside those walls at all.

That development has already had far too many favours from Greenwich (the clipper subsidised heavily by Greenwich was purely aimed at Berkeley Homes residents in its early days - Clipper services sent a letter to me telling me that quite clearly when I questioned timetabling) as it is. They are fortunate that they do not to have put up with the issues that others have to just a stones throw away that Greenwich C. happily allow to fester (along with the rubbish!!).

Just wait until the retail units start opening in the development - let's just hope they don't end up with McDonalds and 'Chick King' takeaways to sit nicely next to the multiplex cinema - rather than the Corney & Barrows and Carluccio's! - there really will be mutiny in the estate then!

9:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Multiplex is now no longer happening. Vue who were orginally looking at the site opted for the O2 instead when it became increasingly clear that Woolwich was likely to get Crossrail. As the proposed site for the cinema was right next to the box for the crossrail station & they decided that the level of disruption they'd have to put up with was to much,hence Berkeley have shelved the plan.

1:55 pm  

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