Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back from a research project

Should any readers be wondering where we have been, we've been doing research for some people and this has meant that updates to the site have tailed off. We have been publishing comments though, and in recent weeks there has been a concerted effort by a political communications PR company to target our comments. We cannot be sure who has employed them but let us put it like this, we believe the former Deputy Prime Minister's son used to work for them.

As a result we've come in for a lot of flak for our last post about the Mercury being banned from the Town Hall with suggestions it was not true. It was true, but after we published the story the ill-tempered high blood pressure Leader of the Council who occasionally grows a little Hitler moustache crapped his pants and reversed the dictatorial edict. It really is as simple as that.

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Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

GW - I'd say this is a monumental success - the money grabbing, spin masters (sorry Political communications PR company) who have done so much damage to the political system by encouraging....uhummm untruths uhummmm.. are being paid to look at your blog! I am sure it will be the most interesting thing they have read since university.


11:15 am  
Anonymous Sceptic said...

Well as one of those who posted critical comments I know that I am not part of the conspiracy you claim exists.
I also know that SOME of what you write has SOME basis on fact. That is a very long way from claiming that everything you publish is true though, and if you want to talk about 'spinning' or selecting facts to suit your agenda, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.
Finding 3 people who work together and agree on a story ridiculing their boss is not what I or most reasonable people would call a 'triple source checked fact'. It sounds more like office gossip and bitching actually.
Don't be tempted to use this latest 'consipiracy'
to smear all critical comments, or even delete them, like you used to. People who can actually string a coherent and logical argument together call that 'poisoning the well'.
You will undermine the whole point of your existence, as a check on the power and accountability of local authorities, by stooping to such shabby partisan tricks. Shame, because such a service is sorely needed.

10:52 pm  
Blogger said...

We don't have an agenda other than pointing out what a shower of shit the Council are. We also didn't just go and find three people, you have no idea who, or how good our source is. As for this claim that we delete critical comment that is, as we said to the other anonymous commenter, complete and total bullshit. We have only ever rejected one comment on this site, it was an advert for Viagra. As to the point of our existence, it is too moan.

6:17 am  
Blogger said...

Regarding the claim that we're "poisoning the well", it would be an accurate description if we didn't have the server logs that prove it.

8:11 am  
Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

I feel the need to state that GWs wonderful pages are a blog - the experience of GWs life in Greenwich, and of many others too. The comments on here, and the stories give evidence of that and are representative and factual in my experience.

Blog owners can conduct the manner of their blog in whatever way they wish - they are not beholden to anyone's set of requests. As a result GW provides an excellent service to residents in this borough - but it is not a service that anyone has a right to make demands on as the service is one of goodwill and a quest for fairness and the sharing of information that would otherwise be buried in spin.

Reading some points raised by those who are critics remind me of BBC Points of View - but this is clearly not a public body and it is not a money making PR machine. Hence GW is answerable to no one and can set their own headlines.

If you want squeeky clean, spin - read the Greenwich Times, you won't find a single negative thing in there! However put that beside GW and you might be able to work out what is really going on behind the gloss.

Council Regimes cannot control blogs or residents expressing their unhappiness - so best get used to it.

2:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youve only ever deleted one comment - what a lie that is.

You've failed to print at least 3 of mine - all have cross examined your "facts"...

And your use of language about the council once again show just how this site cannot be taken seriously anymore.

Sad really.

9:48 pm  
Blogger said...

As we've said more than once, if you were correct then why do we (a) post your comments saying that we have deleted comment? and (b) how can we prove that we have not done something? You're a liar.

7:49 am  

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