Sunday, May 04, 2008

Informing the public?

Looks like the nonpartisan, kitty litter liner that is Greenwich Time was being delivered on the Polling Day for the Mayoral and GLA elections. Along with the usual pro Council stories and smiling photos of various Council Cabinet members there was also a piece covering the elections. Now, was it that Greenwich Council and the newspapers' controller in chief (Cllr Chris Roberts) wanted to help promote a candidate in the election, or was it incompetence?

The Council knew the date of the election, and did the normal thing any council would do and tell people how to vote but still failed to allow time for the newspaper to be delivered? When they realised that the election was on Thursday they called up the company that delivers Greenwich Time and at short notice got them to rush out the viewspaper?

So either incompetence, corruption or just yet another funny coincidence? You decide.

Either way, we wonder if Chris Roberts will let there be a photo of the new Mayor of London, the Conservative Boris Johnson? Or if only the GLA Representative, Labour's Len Duvall, will get any coverage?

Hat Tip: Indigo and Dizzy Thinks

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that doesnt understand what point you are making....?

Are you attacking the council for encouraging people to go out and vote - something you did yourself on this very site.

Or are you attacking the council for only doing it in their paper the week of the election? If so it was also in the copy 2 weeks before.

10:47 pm  
Blogger said...

The point is that either the Council though Greenwich Time is supporting the incumbents, or that due to their incompetency they are having to have the paper rushed out, probably at increased expense, before the election issue has passed them by.

Of course we have no problem in the Council encouraging people to vote, as you said we did it our selves. What's interesting is the number of times there are smiling Cabinet members there to remind people of the incumbents and their political party.

12:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greenwich Time?
yet another service i pay for but dont get

10:49 am  

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