Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Let them know what you think

Ironically, just after we updated our About Us page and said this site exists to "give the people of Greenwich a platform to make their views known that isn't affiliated to the Council", the Council puts out a press release about how it want to get in touch with the people of Greenwich. Of course, we're not suggesting they're reacting to us (yet) but we thought it was amusing timing.

In the latest press release, the main talking point is something called the "Great Get Together", which will take place at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich on July 1st. According to the release it's a "great chance for residents to talk to their Councillors, face to face, about the regeneration of Woolwich". We agree.

We urge all those people in Charlton, Abbeywood, Middle Park or the other forgotten places of the borough to go along and tell them what you think about the neglect of your area in favour of Woolwich.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Events of this type are the Council's new community engagement flagship in place of Time to Listen. It is hoped to run them at various locations across the Borough and there may be something arranged for Carnival 365 at Eltham Green School on Staurday 8th July.

I am somewhat peeved that the decision to scrap Time to Listen seems to have been made immediately before the Election, without giving the new Council the opportunity to discuss the issue. However I am willing to give the new approach a chance.

3:27 pm  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

We suggest you say something at the next full Council meeting then Cllr.

4:11 pm  
Anonymous Paul Webbewood said...

Sorry, the first comment was by me. I didn't mean to be anonymous.

12:59 pm  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

Good guess on our part then!

1:03 pm  

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