Monday, March 26, 2007

MP for Eltham intervenes on McDonalds?

The other day we asked where the MP for Eltham, Clive Efford, was over the matter of the local high street McDonald's desire to open until 5am. We also wondered whether his previous freebies from McDonald's might explain his absence. However, we've learnt this evening that he has personally intervened on the matter.

We're going to presume that his movement is in direct reaction to the local Tory PPC and Tory Group leader's decision to campaign locally on the matter (which is how we first became aware of the issue ourselves), as apparently he has personally asked McDonald's to withdraw their application. Whether they will remains to be seen.

Readers may wonder why we say this, but given that McDonald's are likely to be a major sponsor of the 2012 Olympics, and one third of the venues will be in Greenwich, we tend towards scepticism of the MP's power to sway.

However, we've also heard that last week the Council dismissed a 205 signature petition against the application out of hand claiming that there was no potential of impact on the lives of people in Eltham from McDonald's effectively being open all night.

We wonder whether the MP has checked with his Council colleagues on what the position is meant to be?

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Blogger Shanine said...

I wonder why the McDonalds(and the Subway) near Cutty Sark Station didn't apply for a late licence instead? I've often staggered in frm Central London craving clown food but alas by midnight they are closed.

Beside the drunken students there are a lot of pubs(The Wetherspoons, Lord Hood etc) that must contain drunks with the munchies.

8:16 am  

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