Monday, May 21, 2007

Greener Greenwich?

"Improving, preserving and enjoying the area around us" that's what the Council say. The following pictures were taken in Anglesea Road this morning.

They clearly know how to party hard in Frederick Place as well. Ice cream anyone?

We owe our thanks to an eagle eyed resident for these ones. Do keep them coming in.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s not the Council who dumps crap across the borough, its residents! The Council doesn't have infinite resources and therefore can’t have a road sweeper for every single road 24 hours a day, so it relies on residents reporting incidents like this so it can respond to them.

It’s not the Council's fault that some lazy, scummy resident or trader simply can’t be bothered to dispose of their refuse properly.

Maybe if residents didn’t keep on dumping crap everywhere, vandalising equipment and property and graffiting everywhere then the borough would be a nicer place to visit and live and our Council tax bills would reduce.

This is the second post I have seen from you where you lose focus on the real cause of problems. It’s not the council; it’s the dumb ass scum bags that choose to abuse our borough.

They do say, if you don’t do something to remedy a situation or problem, it makes you part of the problem. I'm begining to recognise that maybe thats true for you.

10:43 am  
Blogger said...

The Council has targets for keeping the roads clean and ensuring rubbish is cleared - irrespective of who dumps it. Theer is ample evidence that they are unsuccesful at achieving it. Their own targets are not even met.

These examples are of rubbish that is left for literally days. Yes, residnets are in the wrong for dumping it. But equally the Coucnil is responsible for the environmental safety of its streets.

We have not lost sight of the cause of the problem. We are highlighting the abject failure of the Coucnil's environmental waste and refuse services to deal with things they themselves set targets for.

We didn't take the above photographs, we were sent them by someone who was sick of the fact that no one was clearing the shit up.

The Council's target for road sweeping and refuse disposal is to clean approximately 4000km of road each month which represents just 70% of the roads. Last month they managed to clean only just over 2000km. They missed their target by half. That is not the fault of residents, that is the fault of incompetence.

2:57 pm  
Blogger said...

P.S. If you don't like what we write then don't read it.

2:57 pm  

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