Sunday, May 06, 2007

Agendas online.... almost

Back in March, we commented on how the Council appeared to have stopped posting the Full Council meeting agendas on its website since March 2006. Amazingly, between now and then they've decided to upload the agendas... well sort of. They're only putting up the front page of the agenda which lists what is going to to be discussed in title form. Clearly we don't need to see the gory details of the meeting. If we did we'd all see the crazy decisions that the incompetent sods make on a monthly basis.

Perhaps though we shouldn't complain. After all, when you go to "Home -> Committee Papers Archive" you are not presented with the Greenwich Council website anymore. Instead you get the front page of the Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. If they can't even make their website work properly what hope do we have for getting full documents made available to the public?



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