Sunday, May 20, 2007

Worrying news for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

What exactly does the future hold for Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich? It seems that the deal which saw the hospital built means that if the NHS wishes to pull out of the 60 year PFI contract, the contractor, Skanskt and Innisfree will have the right to use the land and buildings for whatever it pleases until 2126.

For those wondering how PFI, or what they like call Public-Private Partnership actually worked it is quite simple. The Government cuts a deal with a private contracter who agrees to build the hospital and then rent it back to the NHS at a cost. This is why the QE is in so much debt, it cannot even cover the rent and interest so is continually losing money.

In fairness to the Coucnil they have no power whatsoever over the local NHS provision. However, they do have the power to make their voices heard on our behalf. Yet they refuse to do it, and have said nothing about the financial state of the QE or the potential of it being closed because of crippling debts. Much like their refusal to talk to about the NHS report into the poor state of health in the Borough.

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Blogger sibonetic said...


On the subject of the PFI, my information is that it is a 30 year contract (not sure if 30 from now or from when signed) still bad enough though, I will be in my 70's and the place still won't have enough money to treat me should I fall ill.
Even more bizarrely far from closing the place because it is 'technically bankrupt' The 'solution' is to direct patients away from financially prudent hospitals and run them down, and then direct them to places like QEH to try and reduce the deficit. This means more patients will being treated by a hospital with inadequate resources to do so, as they have 6% less money to treat people.

In addition, if an anonymous contributor to my blog ( )is correct

Anonymous said...

There saving money by making nurses redundant. There has been a number of job losses, most of the specialist nurses have gone. They also have a blanket ban on recruitment, if someone leaves they are not replaced. Out of an entire year of midwives that qualified this may having done their practical training at QE, 3 have jobs there. They are also borrowing money from the Primary Care Trust.

Not only are they lacking properly qualified staff, but they are also starving the Primary Care Trust of funds affecting health care across the Borough. As you say, what is Greenwich Council's response to this situation? That's right, a big fat do nothing, deafening silence. A silence only matched by the inaction and ineptitude of the waste of space gang of 3 (Raynsford, Efford and Austin)

10:26 am  
Blogger sibonetic said...

you sure you fired photocopier boy?

witha priavte

10:28 am  
Blogger said...

The 60 years comes from official documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

10:36 am  
Blogger sibonetic said...

The 30 years comes from the length of time the 'unitary charge' is
fixed in real terms and it is this PFI charge which results in fixed costs at QEH being double those of non PFI hospitals such as Guys and St Thomas's and Queen Mary's Sidcup.


It is also interesting to note that there is no way out of the contract because it was financed by a Bond issue and this would be to expensive to refinance, and QEH has no assets to flog off. The reports conclusion is to run down Queen Mary's, flog off their assets and intensify activities at QEH.

12:02 pm  
Blogger sibonetic said...

I think photocopy boy is having a last laugh at your expense, or have the birthday celebrations left you a little wibbley wobbley?

witha priavte contracter
coevr the rent

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Blogger Bentos said...

PPP reminds me of those 'Crazy George' type places. If you don't have the lump sum to pay for something (say £150 for a bed) hey'll lend you the money at an extortionate rate. The result is that the poor getting fleeced and ending up paying two, three, four times the original loan amount.

They're basically a licence to print money, a total disgrace, and very much Gordon Browns' baby apparently.

2:07 pm  
Blogger said...

We've fired his mother too now. She was old anyway.

3:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how much did it cost to build?

12:35 pm  

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