Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Council ignores its failing and waves through damning report

At the end of April this year, the Council Cabinet held its Best Value Performance Review. The purpose of this review is to use standard measure to compare itself with other Councils across the country.

We imagine people will not be surprised to hear that Greenwich is rubbish. On over a third of the measure Greenwich was below the average which placed it in the bottom 25% Councils in the country.

We've already mentioned the Audit Commission before, but we've now learned that in ten of the indicators that they consider, the Council had failed to improve in two years and in some cases was actually going backwards, especially on the matter of clean streets it seems.

We've had a number of emails from readers about this matter, especially the fact that rubbish is dumped in the Woolwich and Thamesmead area and never gets picked up. Apparently as summer approaches the foliage covers it up until winter arrives. The result is things like this.

Should readers be wondering what the Cabinet said about their poor showing in the Best Value Performance Review, they waved it through without comment or discussion.

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