Monday, May 21, 2007

Sod the canapes, we're going to the pub!

One of our readers has been kind enough to send us a copy of the running order for the Mayor Making Ceremony that we were going to to go to on Wednesday. The shirt was ironed, the tie was pressed, and we were all ready for free wine, canapes and back-biting speeches from each of the party political leaders of the Borough.

Sadly after reading the running order we've discovered that in the name of "saving time" the Council has decided to ban the Lib Dem and Tory Opposition leaders from speaking at the ceremony. Instead there will just be a speech by the Glorious Leader, Chris Roberts, then the new Mayor, Sajid Jawaid, and then, if his incoming speech last year is anything to go by, an incoherent ramble by the outgoing Mayor, Harpinder Singh. There will also be prayer by an Imman too.

It appears the local Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Jedi Community havn't been invited to speak though. We understand this of course, after all, the Jews run Hollywood and control the World; the Christians are crusader imperialists; the Sikhs just like to get hammered at weddings; the Hindus are evil polytheists and the Jedi with their lightsabers are far too dangerous for the Painted Hall. Islam on the other hand has never so much as squashed a fly! Diversity, huh? Don't you just love it?

Given such anti-democratic suppression of fellow councillors (coupled with selective religiosity), we've decided we really can't be arsed to go anymore. At least it would've been mildly amusing to see the look on the different politicians' faces as each subtly slated the other, but it looks very much like we'll have to sit through a Council back slapping session with some theocracy thrown in for good measure.

Thus, the phrase "sod that we'd rather go to the pub" rang around the office when the news was broken. We'll just keep our fingers crossed that the ceremony costs slightly less than the £30,000+ it did last year.... but we don't hold much hope.



Blogger sibonetic said...

It's about time this country grew up and had a proper separation of church (or in this case Mosque) and state. Don't see what place any religious mumbo jumbo has at a secular state function.

7:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May i suggest that the councilors start to look ahead and cover all religions, after all with our proud diversity etc who knows which heaven they will end up in, (or other place)

12:11 pm  
Anonymous t said...

Completely agree with Sibonetic, freedom of religion should, if you choose, mean freedom from religion'. Unfortunately thanks to the dear old CofE and the monarchy, religion is deeply interwoven within our constitution.

Quite what the council thinks its doing I dont know. I think it would be much fairer if religion is to be represented to have a dedicated secularist or even anti-cleric representative there as well.

2:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what I like about Greenwich, the deep understanding and respect of other people's beliefs.
Bring back the cat.

11:37 pm  
Blogger said...

We have a very deep understanding of other people's beliefs in our office. We're just not sure what there is to respect about some of them.

11:10 am  
Blogger sibonetic said...

Cat worshipping? weren't the Egyptians into that? Are they going to to have a tabby deity at the do or something?

10:39 pm  

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