Friday, May 25, 2007

Which "community groups"?

There are a growing number of blogs in the Greenwich area these days, and one of them is called Charlton Average. Like our esteemed organ it is an entirely anonymous site and is not afraid to ask some awkward questions about things which go on in the Borough. Yesterday they made a very astute observation about the forthcoming Red Bull Air Race which will be occurring over the Greenwich Peninsula.

According to Red Bull, they have allocated a number of free tickets for local residents in the three boroughs involved, and have asked the local Councils to distribute them. On the other side of the river, Newham and Tower Hamlets have decided to have a lottery with their allocation, but Greenwich has not.

In fact, Greenwich haven't even made a big deal of the event in their in-house propaganda newspaper Greenwich Time which is so unlike them. What they didn't plan on it seems was Red Bull giving out the direct line to Pravda-Central in the Council Offices and telling people to call Michele Ingram and apply for tickets.

Sadly Michelle's phone doesn't get picked up by a person anymore and is on permanent answerphone with a message indicating that tickets are being given to "community groups" in the first instance before the "general public". Conveniently they don't say what these community groups are.

Time to make a few phone calls. If anyone knows what's going on with the tickets and feel the need to share the news discreetly, you know what to do.

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Blogger Charlton Average said...

Thanks for taking up on the issue, I've just not got the audience that might be able to find out where the tickets are going.

The Council also seem to be passing up another opportunity to tell people about it.

More details click here

3:42 pm  
Anonymous t said...

Could the red bull air race be used for a bit of greenwichwatch publicity? A big live and televised event seems like too good an opportunity to pass up.

4:57 pm  

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