Monday, May 28, 2007

Whipping the Mayoralty

This is the new Deputy Mayor, Steve Offord who's just taken the post and has thus become Mayor-Elect for next year as a result. The Deputy Mayor, like the Mayor, is supposed to be a politically neutral role of course, however as we found last year it isn't. The Mayor's Office simply does whatever the controlling group tells it too, and is effectively a puppet for the headbangers and loonies that run the Borough.

Is Steve Offord going to a be puppet when he has to deputise for the Mayor on committees and in Council? Unlikely because, in a truly surreal twist of fate he's also the Deputy Whip for the Labour Group. He's actually one of the puppet masters, not the puppet.

We just want to clarify this for our readers. The Deputy Mayor - who is meant to politically neutral when chairing different meetings and committees - simultaneously has the role of cajoling, coercing and/or threatening his comrades on the Soviet to vote in the right way. Democracy in Greenwich is an absolute farce.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the government can pick its own Prime Minister, it follows that Greenwich can pick its own mayor, we are just the pawns in their chess game

7:25 am  

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