Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arms and fists all up in the air again?

Last night was again the Council's AGM, we wouldn't have bothered to write a post as apparently it was very similar to last years. With councillors awarding themselves different jobs which have already been decided in closed door discussions. The Tories and Lib Dems made their usual plea for a more impartial mayor as it is constitutionally supposed to be an unbiased position, and not the former Labour Deputy Whip as the Council administration got.

Like we said we wouldn't normally bother to write about this, as it is about as regular as the tides in the Thames. However at the very end of the meeting we are led to believe that the often outspoken half of the dynamic duo, Cllr Paul Webbewood managed to lose control of his senses again. By all accounts he got up at the end of the meeting, marched over to the Labour front bench and threatened the Labour Councillor and Chair of Licensing Cllr Ray Walker. Why you may ask? Was it because his local watering hole was refused a late license? No, apparently it because Cllr Ray Walker wouldn't let Tory Councillor Eileen Glover be on the licensing committee.

So let's just go over that again, a Lib Dem Councillor tried to get into a fight with a Labour Councillor over the views of a Tory Councillor. An all-party Royal Rumble!

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Blogger fergle said...

Demockrazy at its best, and then to upset the creche by throwing their toys out of the pram, how would we manage without them

5:13 pm  
Anonymous t said...

I cant be the only one who'd like to see more violence in council meetings.

I'd like to see em proper batter each other like they do in Italian parliament. Seeing councillors with cuts and bruises would have a certain satisfaction.

And besides, it wouldn't make them any uglier would it?

4:37 pm  
Blogger fergle said...

Thought Tone had banned blood sports?

10:46 pm  

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