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Greenwich Time get's a facelift

Following on from our last post about Greenwich Time and the role that it plays within Greenwich its interesting to note that this week sees a relaunch of the viewspaper. It would appear to be trying to mimic the style and front page content of a real local newspaper albeit with a strong tabloid influence. The front page has as its lead story a photo of Charlton Athletic's Zheng "Zizi" Zhi along with a tired, emotional and unshaven looking Cllr Chris Roberts. This is along with numerous competitions on the inside pages; there is still some space left over for what the communications budget is supposed to be spent on, that being informing the public about various official council activities, such as Council Housing and Jobs.

The front page also hosts an editorial from Peter Cordwell, the editor and publisher from Community First Journals, which by all appearances earn a vast amount of their income from Greenwich Council. It says "GT will find the people who are already beavering away behind the scenes to improve their neighbourhoods." along with "We'll also be promoting Greenwich Council services and initiatives working to make Greenwich greater". We can't but help remind ourselves that who pays the Piper, picks the tune.

The final passage of the editorial really caught our eye though, "Cynics like to say there's no such thing as communities, but we're having none of that... and we'll prove it every week in the new GT". In our view a real community would welcome it if people pointed out their flaws, afterall how are they supposed to improve otherwise, that and it keeps them honest. So we look forward to seeing the minimum 2 photos of Council Leader Chris Roberts and the photo of a random cabinet member for each edition. What will be interesting is if any of the reports will cover both sides of the story, as real local papers try to do, or even if these problems ever get a mention;

At the same time as all of this it looks like the Council are also conducting yet another survey, this time into Greenwich Time, take a look.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As previously stated i do not receive any of the local papers, this has been reported to the relevant people but nothing changes, however i have just completed the survey you kindly pointed out, lets see the reaction to this.

6:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just filled in the questionnaire.
Forgot to ask if they can stop the print coming off when it is used...

5:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I think the new look paper is a vast improvement and welcome the fact the council actually tries to keep residents informed in Greenwich.

When I lived in Bexley I was lucky to ever get one piece of information off the Council.

And I think you'll find that many people - me included - actually welcome receiving news about the good things that go on in our borough.

Unfortunately the Mercury, the Shopper and even this website only seem to want to tell you what bad about our society.

Whatever happened to civic pride?

10:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Civic pride?

In what, exactly?

Not for its own sake, surely?!

I'm quite happy to live in Greenwich, but as for reasons why, the Council doesn't make it to my shortlist. Or my arbitrarily long list, either.

Greenwich Council are, in general, a sad and sorry bunch. In power so long that they've lost touch with reality and their constituencies. Thirty years at the helm it's become less about respect for democratic process and more about ruling by divine right.

It's rather sad that they were not part of the local council rout in the last bit of voting.

8:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not being blessed with a delivery of said paper i do not know what there is to be proud of, however in defence of the Mercury,Shopper,and this web site, i would assume that a council paper would also cherry pick what it published

10:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not really sure that civic pride/spinning stories is worth a that many millions of pounds per year.
Civic pride would come naturally from residents when they see things that are really happening, not because we need re-education. If I am expected to doff my cap every time GC throw a bit of propoganda my way and charge me for it at the same time, they can go and have a funny run.
How about spending that money on leisure facilities such as parks, or our under-performing schools, housing - in fact something, anything more useful than feeding some already over-inflated egos?

What do you say when you see the fizzog of a grinning Councillor on a bit of creased newspaper, looking at you from an overflowing pile of bins and rubbish sacks?

Greenwich is a nice place - but it could be so much better without such a complacent Council.

2:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the above commentator - oh come now. Do you really believe the Mercury, Shopper and this website dont have their own agendas too?

Lets be sensible now please.

I'm not claiming that Greenwich Time is independent - but I'm sure as hell not stupid enough to claim another of the other forementioned publications/websites are either.

3:01 pm  
Anonymous Simon said...

I think alot of people are missing an important few words in the editorial: "We'll prove it EVERY WEEK in the new GT"

The council reckon that the paper is produced roughly every 2 weeks - does this mean the budget for this waste of resources is going to double???

4:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not recall having said that the Mercury or Newshopper were any better than Greenwich Time. as i do not receive any of them i would not know, but like most of todays press i was only pointing out that each has its own agenda, i have lived all my life in what is now called Greenwich, and there was a time i had a lot of civic pride however that went long ago, and at my age now time is running out for me to regain it, but at least i have known it when it was one of the best areas to live in

7:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok well fair enough at least we agree all places have an agenda - even this site.

However I have to give the people behind this site some credit as they now at least post messages that arent just praising them. A nice turn of events :-)

7:57 pm  
Blogger said...

Anonymous -

We've always posted comments, as people are entitled to their views, however if they are particularly sexist or raciest then we might not post them, sometimes we will, just so that those who write such comments can be exposed and shamed by the public. We would say that this little view of ours also covers all "ist" words, however we would then we would also have to take issue with Marxist and Thatcherist views too.

The only other thing we'll say about comments at this time is that it would be nice that if your going to post as Anonymous that you please just pick a made up name for yourself and use that. It just makes the debate easier to follow.

Greenwich Watch

11:25 am  
Anonymous The Council Baiter said...

Greenwich Time: when it arrives my other half always knows...he hears me screaming with laughter at the absurd, cherry picked stories that are not at all representative of the borough as a whole. He then rushes to join me and it usually results in a duo of laughter. So I am truly grateful for the council in making us laugh so much at their hypocrisy and foolishness.

Alternatively a paper where the council reports it's failings and what it is going to do about them, and it's achievements and of encouraging objective comment, would get our serious attention.

Whoops, sorry, I forgot, we are living in LB Greenwich, where freedom of speech is only encouraged if you are pouring praise upon the those who claim to be in charge!

1:23 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

Seeing as Boris Johnson has just scrapped the Londoner, it might be an idea to drop him a line ( and suggest that the same is done with Greenwich Time.
Who knows, we could save some money or have it spent on something useful.
Either way, somebody within G.C. will have to justify it.

5:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREENWICH PRAVDA is a much better name for GT as it's sole aim is to spread probaganda on the virtues of the socialist utopia that the council is trying to create.

One of the funniest/saddest stories recently was the introduction of five bedroom council homes for those who breed (very very actively) for benefits. There's full blown communist innovation for you.

8:49 pm  

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