Friday, June 20, 2008

All aboard the 20.08 Gravy Train has arrived

Here are this years pay rises. This year the councillors gave themselves a pay rise of about 2.5%. We'll let you digest these figures, we think there all correct but the work experience photocopier boy isn't what he used to be.
Just like last year most of the positions for panels go to favored Labour Councillors and the ones who don't get a freebie might get the change to be the Mayor the following year.
- we are sorry about the formatting, blogger won't let us easily put in tables, so you will have to put up with a list. It is listed with the highest pay at the top, followed then by name.

Councillor Party Council Position Total Pay
Chris Roberts Lab Leader £62,668
Angela Cornforth Lab Cabinet Health, Adults and Older People £32,329
Denise Hyland Lab Cabinet Economy and Skills £32,329
Jackie Smith Lab Cabinet Children’s Services £32,329
John Fahy Lab Cabinet Culture and Olympics £32,329
Maureen O'Mara Lab Cabinet Neighbourhood Services £32,329
Mick Hayes Lab Chair of Audit and Risk Management £32,329
Peter Brooks Lab Deputy Leader £32,329
Peter Kotz Lab Cabinet Performance Review and Value for Money £32,329
Rajwant Sidhu Lab Cabinet Greener Greenwich £32,329
Alex Grant Lab Chair of Planning £28,388
Spencer Drury Tory Leader of the Opposition £28,386
Clive Mardner Lab Communities £20,059
Dick Quibell Lab Children & Young People £20,059
Harry Singh Lab Scrutiny Panel Chair £20,059
Janet Gillman Lab Scrutiny Panel Chair £20,059
John Wakefield Lab Scrutiny Panel Chair £20,059
Norman Adams Lab Chair Pension Fund £20,059
Sajid Jawaid Lab Cabinet Modernisation £20,059
Steve Offord Lab Mayor £20,059
Brian Woodcraft Lib Dem Leader of the Lib Dems £15,833
Paul Webbewood Lib Dem Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems £15,833
Ray Walker Lab Chair of Licensing £15,833
Peter King Tory Deputy Leader of the Tories £13,023
Eileen Glover Tory Tory Group Whip £13,022
Allan MacCarthy Lab Deputy Mayor £11,732
Barbara Barwick Lab Chair of Best Value Review Team £11,732
Gary Parker Lab Chair of Best Value Review Team £11,732
Mary Mills Lab Chair of Best Value Review Team £11,732
Alex Wilson Tory Backbencher £10,210
Andy Jennings Tory Backbencher £10,210
Beverley Jones Lab Backbencher £10,210
Bill Freeman Lab Backbencher £10,210
Chris Taylor Tory Backbencher £10,210
Clare Morris Lab Backbencher £10,210
Danny Thorpe Lab Backbencher £10,210
David Grant Lab Backbencher £10,210
Dermot Poston Tory Backbencher £10,210
Don Austin Lab Backbencher £10,210
Elizabeth Truss Tory Backbencher £10,210
Geoff Brighty Tory Backbencher £10,210
Graeme Coombes Tory Backbencher £10,210
Jagir Sekhon Lab Backbencher £10,210
John Hills Tory Backbencher £10,210
John Kelly Lab Backbencher £10,210
Kanta Patel Lab Backbencher £10,210
Mandy Brinkhurst Tory Backbencher £10,210
Margaret Mythen Lab Backbencher £10,210
Nigel Fletcher Tory Backbencher £10,210
Paul Tyler Lab Backbencher £10,210
Terry Hales Lab Backbencher £10,210



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apart from Chris Roberts. All the other salaries seem quite reasonable to me....

1:32 pm  
Blogger fergle said...

Nigh on a million pound, and all those people, we must live in a very well run borough

3:27 pm  
Blogger Inspector Sands said...

To put these in context - who's full-time and who's not?

Because if some joker's being paid £30K full-time to screw up rubbish and recycling for 200,000 people, you can see a reason why they're doing a crap job.

1:10 am  
Anonymous t said...

One of those councillors (i'm not going to name him) was until very recently also earning £28,000 in a full-time job as a housing officer with lewisham council.

10:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a councillor (so please dont even go there) but there is absolutely nothing to stop a councillor having (shock horror)a paid job as well as being a councillor.

You can see how much a backbench councillor gets - 10k.

I would dare to say that if you work out per hour what that equates to for any decent councillor it would be well below the minimum wage.

And t - you have to ask youself this.

Do you want councillors to be people who are all out of work because they are afraid you will slate them for earning 28k a year in a job.

Or do you accept that they are perfectly entitled to be in full time employemnt and that councils benefit from having people from all backgrounds - including those in work as much as out of work.

By all means dont vote for them if you think it is inappropriate for a councilor to work.

But please lets not attempt to slur councillors because they have a full time job.

I dare say most of the backbenchers do.

It is well known that leader of the Tory is a teacher in a private school earning god knows how much on top of his 30k council money.

Who cares?

What matters is they deliver for the local people they represent.

If you dont think they do - vote for someone else OR stand yourself. After all if this really is such a well paid "job" - why aren't more of the people who whinge on these boards standing for election.

Maybe just maybe - because with people like t around it really is a thankless task

8:23 pm  
Anonymous t said...

Here we go again, another anonymous prophet of spin - misrepresenting what I've said in an attempt to look clever but instead coming out smelling like the pig of the hour.

1. I didn't attemp to slur anyone - I quite deliberately DIDN'T name them in order to NOT slur them. The councillor I was referring to is actually quite a nice bloke.

2. I didn't say that councillors should not have a job. I do however expect someone being paid from my taxes to be 'up to the job' and not overtly concerned with other financial interests.

3. As for "What matters is they deliver for the local people they represent" you're having a laugh right? Why do you think voter apathy is so high? It's not about standing against them or voting them out, it's about the theory that democracy is pointless when ignorance rules. After all, the cleverest political scientist gets the same one vote as a spin-loving moron like you.

11:24 am  
Anonymous T2 said...

Here we go again - t trying to back pedal on his comments in order to portray a whiter than white image that Daz would be proud of.

1. By even raising that (shock horror) a councillor has the cheek to earn 28k - yes 28k! - at another council you were slurring him. Whether you mention his name or not...

There is nothing illegal in this so what is your point?

Are you mad that he is not scrounging taxpayers money on the dole?

Or do you believe that being a councillor is a full time role - in which case how much more than 10k (for backbenchers) do you believe we should pay councillors for a full time job?

2) In the case of your attempted slur - how would you explain away your claim that you are only concerned with people earning a legal living if they are concerned with other financial interests.

This councillor works for a council - where is the conflict there? Lewisham provide no services to Greenwich. So what is your problem? They dont make any money out of Greenwich and are not in direct competition. Nonsense as usual.

3) As for its not about standing against them or voting them out - you're having a laugh right! You talk about voter apathy - which by definition means you need very few votes to be elected nowadays.

So why not stand as an independent if you care so passionately about Greenwich. Or dont you have the courage of your convictions. After all its far easier to snipe...

8:46 pm  
Blogger fergle said...

We are all entitled to our own views and i dont think that having a go at each other on a blog site will change much, definitely neither of your individual views. Beside which i think the problem with our council goes far beyond one individual, i have voted against this lot for years, whilst i dont think they are the worst council in London they are far from the best, but as they keep getting re-elected there there must be a lot of people that do not agree with me.

6:17 am  
Anonymous t said...

How am I back pedalling? I made a statement and then when it was completely misquoted I expanded on it - only to be completely misquoted again.

't2' either has a bad understanding of English or is a simpleton. I'm told that I have slurred a councillor (despite protecting his identity) yet further on it becomes an 'attempted slur'. Thats like saying an attempted murder is the same as a murder.

My point is simple. I am concerned that someone who has a busy full-time job would maybe not have the time or dedication to adequately carry out their duties as a councillor. I didn't claim that I am only concerned with people earning a legal living and I mentioned the money earned with lewisham as this article was about how much money councillors make - it was neither a slur nor a commendation.

Lastly, 't2' has told me again to stand for election without understanding what I meant when I said "it's about the theory that democracy is pointless when ignorance rules" - I think that point has just been proved.

10:24 am  
Anonymous T2 said...

Oh dear dear - he is even now denying things that are there in black and white in previous comments...

Cant be bothered exchanging with him any more on this point. He chooses to ignore my questions and just move goal posts.

Needless to say t questions whether I have "a bad understanding of English" or whether I am "a simpleton".

In his case I've no such doubts.

He is plain and simply a "simpleton"

10:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great spelling in your title, I must ask, were you educated in Greenwich? Abord? Did you mean aboard by any chance?

11:04 pm  
Blogger said...

Noted; now reads All Aboard.

The aforementioned work experience photocopier boy also sees himself as something of a sub-editor.
He's been put back on the photocopier.

9:44 pm  
Blogger J J said...

I thought that councillors were paid expenses.
That meant they were never out of pocket while carrying out their council duties.

This seems fair enough. No-one should be out of pocket while carrying out public duties and the electorate get the very best people, be they rich or poor.

Are you now saying that councillors are paid a salary? On top of their employment salary or unemployment benefit?
Does it have to be declared to the DHSS?
Is it taxable?

If the answer is yes, they are paid a salary, I would not even waste spit on them and they are certainly not worth a vote !!!
Still who cares what the residents think,in the peoples republic of Greenwich?
So long as we pay out rates that's all that matters. (Someone has to fund the gravy train)

4:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have had a lot of problems around our local area, and our local FEMALE councillor (no names!) for Thamesmead Moorings Ward, has been very helpfull (NOT!)
as she always sends us a 'read receipt' to our E-Mails.
Well worth her salary of £32k (NOT!)

6:03 pm  
Anonymous Taxpayer said...

I live in Thamesmead and I've always found the councillor the above poster is refering to to be extremely helpful, quick to respond and always in touch with the concerns of local people.

Unlike others...

I was gobsmacked to read last week in the Mercury that Nigel Fletcher appears to think the most important issue of the day for local residents is his quest to build a replica of a King Henry VII boat!

What planet is he on?

If he wants to use public and private money for a large project I can think of so many more worthwhile issues. This would after all just be a replica and I can only assume he's got bored of playing with his train set!

But the plot thickens even more when you read on his blog that he thinks the council should allow Greenwich FC to stay on grounds they havent paid rent on for 13 years! How much does that sum come too?

Maybe if he concentrated on the issues that matter to real people rather than his fantasy land projects - he could earn the 10k he gets a year from us by putting pressure on Greenwich FC to cough up money they owe to local taxpayers coffers.

The club is after all run by a couple of film stars - its not as if they cant afford it!

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, is the above poster ACTUALLY the Councillor herself
blowing her own trumpet?
Or quite possibily a fellow Roberts Robot colleague?

3:37 pm  
Anonymous Its a conspiracy said...

Or in that very spirit is "anonymous" actually Councilor Fletcher trying to deflect attention from himself by casting doubt upon genuine posters that rightly point out his Tory "value for money" actions...

8:47 pm  

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