Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fancy going to a Charlton match?

The other day we highlighted the tale of the Red Bull Race tickets that was originally posted by Charlton Average. Since then we've had an email tip off suggesting that free tickets for things are quite common in the Council.

According to a mole, the Council offices often receive free tickets for Charlton Athletic Football matches in the post. Apparently the presumed intention is to give them out to the likes of old peoples homes, children's home and other worthy "community groups".

However, our mole suggests that the tickets usually disappear quite quickly, and we must admit that we've never seen the Council boasting about how its treated the more unfortunate in the Borough to a nice day out at the Valley to watch Premiership football (Championship now shurely?). We're now left wondering where the tickets might go?

This is of course little more than scurrilous gossip, and we have no evidence that its even remotely true, but we're sure a few inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act would be able to find out if it was. We would do it ourselves but we'd have to give them the address of the office.

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Blogger Robert said...

why not ask that well known wag Iain Dale to find out or even Spencer Drury the Tory councillor.

6:20 pm  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

We think the fomer wouldn't care, whilst the latter is a councillor and they all ignore our emails.

10:22 pm  
Blogger Sash said...

The council are one of the club sponsors, so sponsors always get tickets.

And before you get your nickers in a twist, most councils sponsor their football clubs.

12:00 am  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

We're aware of the Council's limited sponsorship of the club. We're not suggesting that the act of receiving tickets is a problem. If you read the post again, what we're wondering is why tickets are alleged to mysteriously "disappear" and whether they're finding their way in to someone's trough.

We're not suggesting for one moment Sash that your beloved First Division side are up to no good.

6:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely this is a non- issue, now that Charlton are out of the premiership they wouldn't possibly be able to give them away and they certainly wouldn't be adequate bribary!!

9:45 am  
Blogger Sash said...

Most of them are in the hands of staff, CARE and the other council/club community work.

I'm quite looking forward to Championship, I'm also looking forward to the day this site actually suggests something useful instead of bitching.

12:50 pm  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

Why do we have to suggest "something useful instead of bitching" when the whole purpose of the site is to bitch? We're not here to change the world you know, if you think that we should be you might as well fuck off now.

6:22 pm  
Blogger Sash said...

Knew you'll get your knickers in a twist.

Kissy kissy

6:35 pm  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

We;re not getting our knickers in a twist, we're merely pointing out the absurdity of your statement that we should "suggest something useful instead of bitching"

This isn't a public service you know, we're not here to offer some political solutions to the shitty state of the Borough. If we wanted to do that we'd go and join a political party and spend our Saturday's having doors slammed in our faces.

No, we're hear to moan, nothing more, nothing less. The Borough is run politically by arrogant wankers most of who are on the take for doing part time jobs, whilst at the same time spending close to a million pounds of our council tax each year on publicity and propaganda.

Greenwich is not the veritable paradise that they make it out to be.

8:04 am  
Anonymous H said...

"we're not here to offer some political solutions "

confirms my idea that this blog is run by tories- no substance, no policy, no clue.

Back to the Charlton issue:- I'm sure the tickets are distributed wisely- as a family club it makes perfect sense that they are given to schools,community groups etc

11:09 am  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

Confirms our idea that you selectively ignored the sentence that followed that where we said that "if we wanted to [offer solutions] we'd go and join a political party and spend our Saturdays having doors slammed in our faces."

We've heard so many rumours now about who we are it's laughable. Rumours have swung from the former councillor Pete Challis to the current councillor Chris Taylor, to the Lib Dems.

The bottom line of course is as it always has been. We follow no party line and write what we want to, when we want too. How we choose to vote is between us the ballot box though. As we've said already, if you don't like it, fuck off and don't read it.

11:21 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this discussion has deviated somewhat- how are the tickets alloacted and to where, has the council said?....

11:36 am  
Blogger greenwich.watch said...

Who knows, we don't even know if it's even true. We said so right at the beginning.

11:52 am  
Blogger Charlton Average said...

"I'm sure the tickets are distributed wisely- as a family club it makes perfect sense that they are given to schools,community groups etc"

We're not sure how they're distributed, if they exist at all.

Look at how they're handling the Red Bull air race tickets though for an idea as to how Greenwich Council handle such things.

They haven't printed a word about them on either their web site or in their "newspaper."

The only information comes from Red Bull who tell you to phone someone who's got a permanent answerphone on.

They have the tickets, they're just keeping very quiet about them.

That doesn't sound at all "wise" to me.

I have heard that there was some scheme to offer discounted Charlton tickets to Greenwich school children a few months ago, not free tickets though.

1:07 pm  

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