Friday, June 08, 2007

Council to buy corporate suite at O2?

What's this we've spotted in some of the papers just printed by the Council for next weeks agenda? A discussion about whether the Council should spend just shy of £100,000 a year on a plush corporate suite in the O2 overlooking the flashy new arena?

We think we may have to join some community groups so we can get tickets.

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Anonymous t said...

I'd pay money just to see greenwich concillors grooving to scissor sisters, justin timberlake or high school musical. You couldn't invent a better freakshow.

I wonder if the council will use its own greenwich card to get a discount on their corporate suite?

2:32 pm  
Anonymous Fred said...

Well, having seen inside The O2 Arena you'd just know that they'd have a great time too.

Not sure that the Greenwich card will work but if they are only paying £100,000 they are getting it cheaper than big businesses from Canary Wharf!

9:55 pm  

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