Thursday, July 10, 2008

Greenwich Council jumping the gun

Looks like Greenwich Council have been caught jumping the gun again. In the Audit Commissions' Report of the repairs and inspection services it looks like Greenwich Council has been threating legal action before it should. This way it gets what it wants from people.

Paragraph 95
The gas servicing programme is not sufficiently managed. The programme is based on a geographical basis, with contractors targeting properties in a given area at a given time. While this generally ensures that contact is sought with tenants before the CP12 expires, it also means that on some occasions the Council is seeking access shortly after the issue date of a CP12. In one case we found that despite the CP12 being issued in February 2007 the tenant had received numerous access letters, including a legal enforcement letter by October 2007. Not only does this mean that the Council are threatening legal action before the expiry of the CP12, but the necessity for tenants to arrange access so soon after the completion of a CP12 means more inconvenience for the tenant. This is not a customer focused approach and causes preventable inconvenience to tenants.
- A CP12 is the documentation provided to the tenant and retained by the landlord confirming the completion of the annual gas servicing check

This also shows that the council is making its tenants complete a second CP12 right after one has already been completed. We've posted before about Greenwich Council's treatment of tenants but this takes a different approach to it all.



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