Saturday, June 09, 2007

Council cuts school building budget by £3m

We expect many of our readers will remember the posts we did about the compulsory purchase plans of the Council about a pub and Vicarage in Plumstead. Readers may also recall that the Council later designated the pub it wanted to pull down as a local landmark.

The news now is that the compulsory purchase is very much going ahead so that Plumstead Manor School can expand. However, we've learned that the expansion has been cut by £3 million, meaning they won't be getting a Performing Arts Block anymore.

We're not aware of how much the compulsory purchase is going to be, but we have a funny feeling that it might just be £3 million. What does all this mean? It means that the Council was so incompetent it failed to even consider the budgetary implication of purchasing a pub and Vicarage on its plans.

The result is that the "School for the Future" is not actually going to be sufficient for the future that they've planned. On the plus side this was agreed in an open and democratic Cabinet Committee meeting where a massive three Cabinet members could be arsed to turn up.

Never fear though, poor attendance won't be an issue again. They also agreed at that meeting that future decisions of this sort would be taken by the Glorious Leader, Chris Roberts. They were being paid for part-time jobs, now they getting paid for quite literally doing nothing.

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Blogger sibonetic said...

one of the justifications for the lost of the pub (a local amenity) was that it would be balanced out by a gain in local facilities, i.e. a performing arts block which could be used by the local community. It looks now like local people get nothing unless they happen to have a girl of secondary school age, needing a school place. Don't seem much of a gain to me

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