Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How low is low pay?

We've often wondered what "low pay" actually is. Is it £10,000 a year? £12,000 per year? Well thanks to a helpful Labour councillor we now know. Or should we say we now know what she thinks "low pay" is defined as.

Apparently, low pay is defined as "£3,000 a year - or less". This is what a female Labour councillor who we shall not name for legal reasons told the branch secretary of Greenwich UNISON, Onay Kasab, when she also explained she only cared about "lower-paid women workers".

Just to put that into perspective, this councillor from Greenwich thinks that if you earn more than £57 per week you're not low paid. Perhaps this is why she is happy to nod through all the massive pay cuts to Council staff whilst she takes a pay rise?

Incidentally, we've heard that there will be yet another strike protest by UNISON tomorrow night outside the town hall. We have to say it's all rather odd. What with strikes over staff pay cuts and pay rises for ruling councillors, an observer might be confused into thinking it was Tory council.

We actually feel sorry for the controlling group a little bit. It can't be much fun having to enter a building whilst your natural supporters call you class traitors. Still, they could always ask for a back door to be opened to let them slip in unnoticed right?

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Blogger sibonetic said...

Don't know how low, low pay is, but I should have asked the migrant east European labour the council were getting to deliver their propaganda sheet 'Greenwich Time' down my street this week.
Have a suspicion they weren't getting the minimum wage and I doubt they were in a union.

12:03 pm  
Anonymous the ghost of will crooks said...

I would like to think that this Councillor would consider anyone who received say over 6 times the amount, as an example, as being grossly over paid, but perhaps I should be realistic.

Maybe this definition of the threshold of low pay - almost as much as a third of a years minimum wage for our Councillors - reveals the direction the Labour Party wishes to take the single status settlement?

10:51 pm  

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