Sunday, June 10, 2007

Neighbourhood Fix It

Given how appallingly bad the Council's website is, and the fact that its level of interaction is restricted to online polls with loaded questions we thought we'd "offer a solution" (we hope Sash is listening) for all those people that want to get things in their Neighbourhood fixed but get no joy when dealing with the Council directly.

MySociety have a site called Neighbourhood Fix It where you put in your postcode, local the area that has a problem on a map, and then send an email about it through the site. MySociety save data on responses.

Obviously we're still happy to receive your photographs which show how the Council often does nothing to solve problems that are plainly evident. We just thought we'd post a link to a "solution" just to annoy the whining Charlton fan.



Blogger Sash said...

Well done, not that hard was it?

10:53 pm  
Blogger Inspector Sands said...

What's the sneering at critics all about? You do a good job in exposing council nonsense, and you'd be surprised where you get backing.

But if you devote a whole post to someone who makes a valid criticism (because you really only can go on criticising for so long, before you need to start offering an alternative) then it'll undermine everything you do, and give succor to your enemies. You've bitten.

I don't give a toss what party you belong to. But you can only go on for so long before it looks like an internal argument among people in the council. And it's *everybody* in the council that's failed the people of Greenwich borough.

Please take this in the spirit it's meant in - you've tapped into something far deeper than petty rows between party time-servers. Don't piss it away by sneering at people.

1:20 am  
Blogger said...

It was a joke

7:59 am  
Anonymous t said...

I think this site does a pretty good job of highlighting council fuckeries - I just wish there was a bit more publicity in order to force the council to respond to these issues as their defence at the moment is silence.

11:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is pointless, BTW, using the Neighbourhood Fixit for Greenwich ... yes, you can put in the problem, even get an email from them to say that they've got it, and then .... eight weeks later they still havent done anything about the problem...

11:46 pm  
Anonymous greezy pimp said...

I used the link here on Monday complained about something received an email Tuesday and the work was carried out on Wednesday. Now it could be coincidence, and the work may have already been scheduled but credit where it's due.

9:03 am  
Anonymous t said...

I wonder if it works if you set the location as the town hall and report anti social behaviour?

10:59 am  

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