Friday, June 20, 2008

All aboard the 20.08 Gravy Train has arrived

Here are this years pay rises. This year the councillors gave themselves a pay rise of about 2.5%. We'll let you digest these figures, we think there all correct but the work experience photocopier boy isn't what he used to be.
Just like last year most of the positions for panels go to favored Labour Councillors and the ones who don't get a freebie might get the change to be the Mayor the following year.
- we are sorry about the formatting, blogger won't let us easily put in tables, so you will have to put up with a list. It is listed with the highest pay at the top, followed then by name.

Councillor Party Council Position Total Pay
Chris Roberts Lab Leader £62,668
Angela Cornforth Lab Cabinet Health, Adults and Older People £32,329
Denise Hyland Lab Cabinet Economy and Skills £32,329
Jackie Smith Lab Cabinet Children’s Services £32,329
John Fahy Lab Cabinet Culture and Olympics £32,329
Maureen O'Mara Lab Cabinet Neighbourhood Services £32,329
Mick Hayes Lab Chair of Audit and Risk Management £32,329
Peter Brooks Lab Deputy Leader £32,329
Peter Kotz Lab Cabinet Performance Review and Value for Money £32,329
Rajwant Sidhu Lab Cabinet Greener Greenwich £32,329
Alex Grant Lab Chair of Planning £28,388
Spencer Drury Tory Leader of the Opposition £28,386
Clive Mardner Lab Communities £20,059
Dick Quibell Lab Children & Young People £20,059
Harry Singh Lab Scrutiny Panel Chair £20,059
Janet Gillman Lab Scrutiny Panel Chair £20,059
John Wakefield Lab Scrutiny Panel Chair £20,059
Norman Adams Lab Chair Pension Fund £20,059
Sajid Jawaid Lab Cabinet Modernisation £20,059
Steve Offord Lab Mayor £20,059
Brian Woodcraft Lib Dem Leader of the Lib Dems £15,833
Paul Webbewood Lib Dem Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems £15,833
Ray Walker Lab Chair of Licensing £15,833
Peter King Tory Deputy Leader of the Tories £13,023
Eileen Glover Tory Tory Group Whip £13,022
Allan MacCarthy Lab Deputy Mayor £11,732
Barbara Barwick Lab Chair of Best Value Review Team £11,732
Gary Parker Lab Chair of Best Value Review Team £11,732
Mary Mills Lab Chair of Best Value Review Team £11,732
Alex Wilson Tory Backbencher £10,210
Andy Jennings Tory Backbencher £10,210
Beverley Jones Lab Backbencher £10,210
Bill Freeman Lab Backbencher £10,210
Chris Taylor Tory Backbencher £10,210
Clare Morris Lab Backbencher £10,210
Danny Thorpe Lab Backbencher £10,210
David Grant Lab Backbencher £10,210
Dermot Poston Tory Backbencher £10,210
Don Austin Lab Backbencher £10,210
Elizabeth Truss Tory Backbencher £10,210
Geoff Brighty Tory Backbencher £10,210
Graeme Coombes Tory Backbencher £10,210
Jagir Sekhon Lab Backbencher £10,210
John Hills Tory Backbencher £10,210
John Kelly Lab Backbencher £10,210
Kanta Patel Lab Backbencher £10,210
Mandy Brinkhurst Tory Backbencher £10,210
Margaret Mythen Lab Backbencher £10,210
Nigel Fletcher Tory Backbencher £10,210
Paul Tyler Lab Backbencher £10,210
Terry Hales Lab Backbencher £10,210


Friday, June 06, 2008

Tunnel back to usual

Its being reported that the new Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has enacted one of his election promises and has overturned Ken Livingstone's policy over the Blackwall Tunnel's tidal flow operation. This means that the tidal flow operation is now back in use, this is likely to be welcome by anyone trying to drive in Greenwich in the mornings.
Does this mean that the possible Greenwich Congestion Charge is also being sailed down the river?

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