Thursday, September 27, 2007

Public Service Announcment

We've just noticed that someone has left a comment back in the congestion charge thread saying that a Facebook group has launched called Say No to Greenwich Congestion Charge.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now it's lap dancing

Does anyone remember the pole dancing club in Plaza, Greenwich from last year? It would appear the proposals, having been beaten once if we recall correctly, are back, only this time it is slightly different. Instead of pole dancing, it's now lap dancing, and there is a planning inspectorate meeting about this on the 16th/17th/18th October.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Company confirms, Council denies

The following is a confirmation by email to the dismissed man mentioned in the previous post from the company that fired him that they did act as a result of a complaint from the Council. We have confirmed the validity of this email and have the original which clearly shows it was sourced from the companies system. We even have the name of the sender's computer.
Regarding the attached, please be assured that the reason for your dismissal was as stated. The complaint from Greenwich Council was received by our H.R. department direct and was deemed by them to be of sufficient importance to require immediate action and I was informed of that decision. Their concern was on two fronts firstly they felt our standing with the Council was in jeopardy and secondly that the writing of many lengthy private emails in company time was not appropriate.
The company concedes in this email that it received a complaint from the Council, and acted upon it because of its "standing" with them. Meanwhile the Council denies having sent an email at all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Council gets man fired for complaining?

Regular readers may remember that back in July we wrote a tale about contacting the Council. The resident in question is from Thamesmead and is sick to the back teeth of the way the Council fails to manage the are in terms of street cleaning, and cutting the grass (which, as the picture is even more bonkers that our work experience lad's garden).

The resident has consistently complained to the Council almost of a daily basis about the fact that no one ever replies to him, and nothing ever gets done. He just contacted us to tell us that actually, the Council has done something, they've got him fired from his job for sending complaining emails that they find "offensive".

We have received all those emails ourselves, and whilst the resident is certainly angry, they were not offensive in our view and all the Council had to do was reply to him and actually sort out the problems he has talked about over a long period of time to resolve the issue.

It turns out, according to the resident, that he went to work yesterday and he says he was informed that he would no longer be employed because the Council had complained to the company after he had used his work email to send the mail.

He says the company also told them that because it was involved in projects with Greenwich Council in Woolwich and the 2012 Olympic work, it was not good to have an employee causing them problems. We find ourselves wondering if the Council may have threatened to pull out working with the company forcing it into a corner?

Perhaps the lesson here is don't complain too much or they will try to get you? And especially don;t use your work email to do it? And some readers wonder why we made this site anonymous? Should any members of the press wish to know more about this tale then just email us and we'll be happy to furnish them with more details for them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Have you got your Nectar Card?"

We've all done it right? The boss tells you to go to the supermarket and get the teabags and biscuits and when you get to the till you hear the words "have you got a [insert loyalty point card name here]?". At this point you think "well the compnay doesn't have one, so I'll just use mine". Sometimes you just hand your card over without even thinking about it.

Is it unethical? Are you defrauding the company of something that could get it if they wanted too? We don't know. What we do know is that one poor Council worker found to their cost that the Council considered it a sackable offence. A little harsh we thought when, to our knowledge, the Council, doesn't have its own loyalty card anyway.

This did get us wondering about the times we've seen the leader of the Council, Chris Roberts, in Sainsburys, Woolwich. We're not following him, we just seem to always be lucky enough to stand behind him in the queue. He even said hello to us once which just tickled us inside knowing that we knew who we were and he didn't.

Anyway, each time it has happened he's been buying things that didn't look like average home shopping and we're sure he used a loyalty card. Perhaps an audit of his expenses receipts is overdue too?

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Alive and well but feeling excluded

Have you missed us? We are still alive, we're just enjoying the return of summer in September and waiting for the Council to start doing things again. However, we do have something to tell you about the wonderful paradise in which we live. The schools are still rubbish.

Last months the GCSEs results came out and they showed that Greenwich Council run schools remain in the bottom quarter of the national list. On the plus side we have managed to come second in the league table for the highest rates of exclusions and suspensions from schools in London.

Apparently, according to figures slipped out by the Government we have a 17.01% suspension rate. This is something we think we should be proud of. Our pupils, unlike most of the rest of the capital know how to fight, and double-hard too. Just a few more percent and we might even top the league.

Rest assured that normal service will be resumed soon. We do have lives too though.